The 200-year history of the Monroe Doctrine is a history of US imperialism. Among Washington’s recent junior partners, Israel stands out as an accomplice to the US imperial project not only in the old world but in this hemisphere as well. 

Beginning with the Northwest Ordinance of 1787, the course of what is labeled Manifest Destiny (term was applied in 1845) will be charted through the 19th century.  The Monroe Doctrine of 1823 is a continuation of the planned expansion across the North American continent. As the 19th century proceeded apace, the North defeated the South during the 1861-1865 Revolt of the Planters. Industrialization of the United States together with the eventual linking of Chesapeake Bay with the Golden Gate instilled a dynamic America, an allure to become a willing participant in what President Monroe’s document urged the Europeans not to repeat here, Imperialism.  Historical parallels will be made with such efforts as the Catholic Church and Spanish Army in the Philippines, the 1916 Sykes-Picot Agreement, and the present situation in Gaza.  

Our speaker, Mark Albertson, is a frequent presenter at the Library.  In fact, according to his blog, in each of the last three years, he has logged 200-plus appearances. Mark is a military historian with a commanding knowledge of geo-politics. He is the historical research editor at Army Aviation magazine and is the historian for the Army Aviation Association of America. He has authored several books: USS Connecticut: Constitution State Battleship; They’ll Have to Follow You! The Triumph of the Great White Fleet; On History: A Treatise. He is at work on a two-volume history on the saga of Army aviation. Mark teaches history at Norwalk Community College in Norwalk, Connecticut.

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