ICSS 20210307 Capitalism, Ecology, and Socialism


Sun, Mar 21, 2021: 10:30 am to 12:30 pm Pacific The Great Labor Rebellion of the 1930s. The topic will be the history of the 1930s. Not the Great Depression but the *responses* to it. Firstly the Great Labor Rebellion: the CP-led California farmworkers strike, the three left-led general strikes of 1934, the sitdown strikes, and the rise of the CIO. And secondly the capitalist response, the New Deal and FDR, how the capitalist class coopted Labor’s Giant Step, and how black people, Chicanos and women were mistreated under New Deal legislation.

Our speaker is John Holmes who teaches history at Merritt College in California, and is currently on the executive council of the Peralta Federation of Teachers, representing part timers. He was previously an activist in the typographical union.


Session Chat for Everybody

00:54:38 Sharon Rose: I recommend this recent article from Peoples World: “Neolibralism’s in trouble: A Marxist Look at the American Rescue Act” https://www.peoplesworld.org/article/neoliberalisms-in-trouble-a-marxist-look-at-the-american-rescue-act/
00:55:31 Mehmet Bayram: Yes, a GREAT article. Thank you.
01:07:09 Sharon Rose: There has never been an organization called “The American communist party”
01:07:29 Sharon Rose: CPUSA – C. Party of the US
01:07:40 Sharon Rose: CPC – C Party of China
01:07:48 Sharon Rose: Etc.
01:08:20 Sharon Rose: By decision of the Cominterm early on
01:30:44 Richard W: Ann Lewis, who frequents this conference, has a documentary of the pecan shellers in San Antonio, 1938. A preview can be found: https://www.strikeandanuprising.org
01:40:44 Richard Fallenbaum: We need funds for operating expenses and to support the Marxist Library, our physical home. Please send contributions to our treasurer either online via Paypal or by check: PayPal: ICSSSunday@yahoo.com Richard Fallenbaum Checks: Pay to: Richard Fallenbaum Send to: Richard Fallenbaum 1225 Neilson Street Berkeley, California  94706-2435
01:45:48 Richard W: Trump trade war with china proceeded the virus.
01:58:09 John Holmes: In dubious battle link. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=__93O5CGSn4
01:58:12 Sharon Rose: Some of us have the opposite opinion of the so-called “Hitler Stalin pact.” It was not an alliance. It was a bid by the USSR to buy more time before the inevitable war they knew was coming (much to the encouragement of Germany by the US and UK).
01:58:47 John Holmes: Flint Sitdown strike link. Part 1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8aLUNW4zoPQ
01:59:30 John Holmes: Part 2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N8wf3iwr9wI&t=22s
01:59:37 Richard Fallenbaum: karl yoneda
02:02:27 Richard Schock: What an interesting coincidence. I was reading about Elaine Black Yoneda recently.
02:23:16 Richard Schock: Charles Higham “Trading with the Enemy”
02:24:49 Raj Sahai: Seven Days in May (1964) Movie:
02:25:29 Raj Sahai: Seven Days in May with Burt Lankaster: https://youtu.be/OOUHPMNFhXo
02:29:53 Richard Schock: This is a link to the Jules Archer book if anyone is interested: https://ia802702.us.archive.org/22/items/pdfy-17F0BVXrHcyQbghI/The%20Plot%20To%20Seize%20The%20White%20House.pdf
02:30:19 Mark Albertson: The Business Plot, 1967, by Jules Archer. Also known as The American Putsch. . . Mark A.
02:31:48 Raj Sahai: Stalin’s position was consistent with Lenin: build socialism in the first country where workers have won power, and USSR had all the resources, given it was continental size country. Stalin said socialism could be built in the USSR but could not be made permanent in the longer run, which requires several other larger countries to go socialist, which condition was fulfilled when in 1949 Mao led communists won power in China.
02:33:01 Mark Albertson: Have to go. Thank you John and all for a wonderful meeting . . . Mark A.
02:35:35 John Holmes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A98SAF9MsDs