ICSS 20210627 Norman Finkelstein on Gaza, Palestine & Israel in the shifting sands of US & World Politics 
Sun, june 27, 2021: 10:30 am to 12:30 pm Pacific

Israel has become increasingly militarily stronger ever since its founding in 1948 approved by the UN Commission. It’s founding was opposed by the Palestinians, Arab countries, India and many other countries. The US, Britain, France, and the USSR had supported the founding of Israel, though the USSR had initially supported a secular state with both the Palestinians and Jews as having equal rights. Palestinians have since split between the secular PLO which rules the West Bank and Gaza ruled by Islamist Hamas. Every few years Israel finds a reason to attack densely populated Gaza, which has been described by many as an open prison, access to which from outside is completely controlled by Israel. There is a change in politics in the US, with a section of the coalition that supported Biden, opposes the dominance of Israel over the Palestinians. There is also a change in world politics with the rise of a rival block challenging US hegemony. In what direction is this situation headed? Is a two state solution still a live option? Renowned scholar and son of two Nazi Concentration Camp survivors, Dr. Norman Finkelstein will address these issues and answer comments and questions raised by our participants.