Columbia University students started the movement against the University’s connection with the wars, seeking divestment. It is clear to all who have not closed their eyes that a genocide of the Palestinians in Gaza by Israel is ongoing with the support and means to conduct it provided by the US government. The protests have taken the form of encampments on university general outdoor premises. But these peaceful protestors were attacked by police and supporters of Israel, both from inside and some apparently from outside of the campuses, accusing them of violence and of being antisemites, even as Jewish students themselves are part of these protests. But the movement swiftly spread to other campuses in New York, California and other states.

“In fact, academic institutions are hubs of fundamental research and development that are used in military technology and serve as pipelines into the military and defense industry by educating and training their future leaders….Today, academic institutions are increasingly controlled by corporate and military interests. Instead of intellectual freedom, the research we pursue is defined by those that have the resources to fund it. And as a result, instead of the pure pursuit of knowledge for a brighter future, we do science and technology for war, imperialism, profit, and exploitation.” (quoted from the current edition of the PSL Newspaper article by Nishad Gothoskar, a PhD student at MIT.)

The ICSS Sunday at The Marxist Library program will have selected clips from the movement and there will be discussions, led by members of the ICSS Program Planning Committee members and possibly others. Participants are urged to come prepared to share their knowledge and thoughts on the subject.