The administration at City College of San Francisco is planning to lay off over 50 full-time tenured faculty and to replace few, if any, retiring faculty. Even before the pandemic, despite expecting increases in funding, they planned and acted to lay off 250 part-time faculty for the Fall 2020 term. The number of faculty at CCSF have been reduced by over 40% in the last ten years.

These actions have come at the expense of CCSF’s predominantly working class and lower middle-class students of color. Their education opportunities have been greatly reduced.

Rick Baum has been teaching American Government part-time at CCSF for over 20 years, has been active in fights to save CCSF, and is currently a member of CCSF HEAT.

He will discuss the downsizing of CCSF and address why it has been happening, something that has been occurring, less dramatically, at many other colleges, and here in a state dominated by the Democratic Party.  

Rick has written articles on issues facing part-time faculty and the accreditation crisis at CCSF. On the accreditation crisis see:  recent update:  and on the treatment of part-time faculty