The imperative need to develop a Leninist United Front to combat the menace of Fascist and White Supremacist attacks in today’s US
Sunday, August 8, 2021: 10:30 am to 12:30 pm Pacific time

Speaker: Elazar Friedman

The presentation will use two models as diagnostic tools.

1.) The Ernst Meyer led KPD’s model of United WC Front and the lessons of abandoning this powerful model in the third period and then zig zagging to class collaborationist coalition People’s Fronts-betraying Proletarian class independence

2.) The 1984 United Front like action at SF Pier 80 led by Howard Keylor Longshore of the Trotskyist Bolshevik Tendency and by Leo Robinson Longshore of the CPUSA

Nelson Mandela paid tribute to this act of International working class solidarity at the Oakland Coliseum for having re- ignitied the SA antiApartheid movement.

Criticism of PL/Grover Furr type spurning of United Fronts with extant US Trotskyist groups such as the Spartacist League, the Bolshevik Tentency and the Internationalist Group as examples will be proven to be infantile Ultra Left obstacles to WC unity.

Ernst Meyer KPD on the other hand posited that the way to best expose to their rank and file the lies and class treachery of the SPD reformist leadership was via the United Front not by the self destructive spurning of working class unity.

All parts of the presentation are integrated and require inclusion in the presentation

Since Jack H ILWU Local 10 ret. was an active part of the SF Pier 80 action as well as furthering this WC solidarity by winning the entire US Canadian West Coast port shutdown as a tribune for the oppressed ie the George Floyd murder if heZooms in I would propose he be granted a 10-15minute synopsis of the Pier 80 United Front