Advances for the working class in Mexico, lessons from Morena’s landslide victory in the 2024 presidential election.

The presentation will focus on the role that public policies that favored the interests of the working class played in the landslide victory for Morena and its allies that resulted in the election of Mexico’s first woman president and supermajority in Congress. The presentation will also look at what we can expect from Sheinbaum’s government. What does she mean when she talks about building the “second floor” of Mexico’s Fourth Transformation? Finally we will discuss, given the rout of the country’s opposition and their marginalization from public life, where we might expect opposition to come from and what anti-imperialist activists can do to resist US interference.

José Luis Granados Ceja is an anti-imperialist journalist and political analyst based in Mexico City, with 20 years of experience covering social movements, democracy, elections, and human rights. He is a staff writer with Venezuelanalysis, covering regional and international issues, and is the host of their podcast. He also serves as editor of the Mexico Solidarity Media website and writes a monthly opinion column for the Mexico Solidarity Project Bulletin. Together with Kurt Hackbarth, he co-hosts the Soberanía podcast, which provides English-language analysis of politics in Mexico.