According to our speaker, the Biden administration’s lawfare against Trump is
supported by the left because of their own McCarthyism. The national security state,
through the Biden administration, is engaging in lawfare to eliminate Biden’s only
serious challenger and fix the 2024 election. Much of the progressive movement, rather
than protest and stop police state interference, is supportive of it, even though this
lawfare will be used against them in the future. The cause for the silence among liberals
and leftists is their own McCarthyism: people are baited, and fear being baited – not as
Reds, but as Trump supporters. This left McCarthyism pushes people towards voting for
the supposed lesser evil Democrats and towards defending the actions of the national
security police state. This national security state finds the Democratic Party a more
useful tool to criminalize opposition to US wars and maintain their control over the US
Our speaker, Stanfield Smith, is a member of Chicago ALBA Solidarity, formerly the
Chicago Committee to Free the Cuban 5. He has published in LA Progressive, Dissident
Voice, Council on Hemispheric Affairs, Covert Action, Monthly Review online, and
other websites. Smith is a long time anti-war activist, and opposed US interference over
the years in Latin America. He produces AFGJ's Venezuela & ALBA Weekly News and
the online newsletter for the Nicaragua Solidarity Coalition. His website is

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