President Obama famously announced the US foreign policy pivot to Asia: “To preserve
US hegemony, we have to make sure that America writes the rules of the global economy
or China will." The US ruling class has pushed this topic of China to the top of our

US imperialism’s hostility to China is increasing with military threats, new rounds of
sanctions, and increasingly wild fabrications. The media have been saturated with
allegations of human rights abuses, forced labor, religious persecution and “genocide.”
Addressing these topics from an anti-imperialist perspective will be Sara Flounders.
She will comment on the recent BRICS summit, flashpoints Xinjiang and Taiwan, and
the formation of an Asian NATO.

The big question for those on the side of socialist revolution is what is the class character
of People’s China? Sara will discuss China’s road to building socialism and what it
means to have a socialist state with “Chinese characteristics.” What is the critical role of
mass mobilizations in the long struggle for communist ideals and the ideological
commitment to egalitarian ideals? How does China’s international geopolitical role
compare to that of the former Soviet Union?

Our speaker, Sara Flounders, recently visited China for the second time on a fact-
finding tour. She is a longstanding political activist and author based in New York City.
She is a contributing editor of Workers World Newspaper and a leader of the United
National Antiwar Coalition, the International Action Center, and the Sanctions Kill
Campaign. She is the co-author and editor of numerous books, including Capitalism on
a Ventilator: The Impact of COVID-19 in China and the US and the recently released
SANCTIONS – A Wrecking Ball in a Global Economy.