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Eyewitness Crimea, Russia – Rick Sterling – Sunday, May 28, 2023 10:30 AM Pacific Time

Rick will speak about his recent trip to Russia and especially Crimea.

In 2014, following the coup in the Ukrainian capital, Crimea had a referendum and decisively decided to secede from Ukraine and “re-unify” with Russia.  In many ways, the situation in Crimea is emblematic of the Ukraine conflict.  Rick will describe what he saw and learned on this trip.

Rick Sterling is a Bay Area journalist, active with Mt Diablo Peace and Justice Center and Task Force on the Americas. 

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Hands Off Uhuru! Hands Off Africa! The fight for free speech and reparations – Mwezi Odom and Penny Hess – Sunday, May 21, 2023 10:30 AM Pacific Time

July 29, 2022, the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), raided the offices and homes of members of the Uhuru Movement. They broke down doors, broke windows, used flashbang devices and drones and threatened residents with automatic weapons.

The US Govt has recently filed indictments against 3 Uhuru Movement leaders.This is a call to everyone to defend the right of African people and the Chairman of the African People’s Socialist Party, Omali Yeshitela, to free speech.


Mwezi (Michelle) Odom, Chair of the Hands Off Uhuru Committee and member of the African People’s Socialist Party.

Penny Hess, Chair of the African People’s Solidarity Committee and one of the three indicted.

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Artificial Intelligence Versus the Working Class – Dr. Jack Rasmus – Sunday, May 14, 2023 10:30 AM Pacific Time

Goldman Sachs bank research this past week published a report that 300,000,000 jobs worldwide will be impacted by the now accelerating introduction of Artificial Intelligence software (machines) that will either eliminate or sharply reduce the hours of work for workers involved in simple decision-making tasks like customer service reps, paralegals, receptionists, retail services, human resources reps, copywriters, basic software coders, and countless other occupations. Its report updates that of five years ago by McKinsey Consultants that estimated 5 million jobs impacted.
Academics hail the news that it will mean a sharp increase in productivity (and therefore profits which they don’t say). But this comes at the expense of destroying jobs and lowering wages. Jobs that might be created by AI will be mostly highly skilled software jobs, many of which the multinational tech and other corporations will import from their foreign subsidiaries via H1-B and L-1 visas from the US government.
Few jobs and greater productivity also mean more intensive exploitation from those workers who will still have work. AI is the latest restructuring of capitalist labor markets in the past five decades that witnessed greater exploitation of labor as a result of the expansion of ‘precarious’ work (involuntary part time and temp jobs) and gig work. AI represents the ‘third wave’ of intensification of the exploitation of labor.
The topic for discussion: what is AI, how it works, and what are the consequences of its adoption for the working class.
Our speaker is Dr. Jack Rasmus, Ph.D Political Economy, teaches economics at St. Mary’s College in California. He is the author of The Scourge of Neoliberalism: US Economic Policy From Reagan to Bush, Clarity Press, October 2019; Alexander Hamilton & The Origins of the Fed, Lexington books, March 2019; Central Bankers at the End of Their Ropes: Monetary Policy and the Coming Depression, Clarity Press, August 2018; Looting Greece: A New Financial Imperialism Emerges, Clarity Press, Sept. 2016; Systemic Fragility in the Global Economy, Clarity Press, January 2016; ‘Obama’s Economy: Recovery for the Few‘, Pluto Press, 2012, ‘Epic Recession: Prelude to Global Depression‘, Pluto Press, 2010, and ‘The War at Home: The Corporate Offensive from Ronald Reagan to George W. Bush‘, Kyklosproductions, 2006. Jack is the host of the weekly radio show, Alternative Visions, on the Progressive Radio Network, and a journalist writing on economic, political and labor issues for various magazines, including European Financial Review, World Financial Review, World Review of Political Economy, ‘Z‘ magazine, and others. Before his current roles as author, journalist and radio host, Jack was an economist and market analyst for several global companies for 18 years and, for more than a decade, a local union president, vice-president, contract negotiator, and organizer for several labor unions, including the UAW, CWA, SEIU, and HERE. Jack’s website is

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A Bleak Road Ahead for the Global Economy – Greg Godels – Sunday, June 4, 2023 10:30 AM Pacific Time

The International Monetary Fund (IMF), the World Trade Organization (WTO) and the World Bank – three of the most highly regarded international economic organizations – all predict lowered growth expectations for the decade ahead. If three major capitalist institutions are foretelling economic uncertainty and instability, it is because we are exiting a distinctive era of capitalist restructuring. That era gave capitalism a new lease on life, with growing profits, hyper-accumulation, and vastly expanded speculative investments. Little of that enrichment was shared with the masses, resulting in unprecedented inequalities of income and wealth.

According to our speaker, Greg Godels, liberal and social democratic economists decry the Federal Reserve’s strategy, but they have no alternatives to offer. They are content to leave the management of the capitalist economy to the capitalists, while denouncing their remedies. Clearly, the capitalist ship is taking on water, buffeted by a global pandemic, raging inflation, a European war, and bank failures. While there is no reason to expect the ship to sink, serious alarm bells are going off. He concludes, we are entering a period of growing uncertainty and conflict.

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