In the face of a renewed global crisis of overproduction, the imperialists have determined that, in the present conditions, their best chance of saving themselves and their system remains in huddling together under the military and economic leadership of the USA and aiming their combined force at the destruction of the primary centers of independence and sovereignty in the world – Russia and China.

In doing so, they hope to bring about a repeat of the carnival of pillaging they enjoyed after the collapse of the USSR. They want to break Russia and China into pieces, subdue their peoples, and plunder their considerable resources.

Thus we can see that the third world war will be primarily characterized by a confrontation between the camps of imperialism (NATO) and anti-imperialism.

And that the workers of the world have everything to gain by ensuring the victory of the anti-imperialist camp and the defeat of the imperialists, which will be a hammer blow to the entire edifice of monopoly capitalism on the planet and thus a giant step towards socialist revolution in all corners of the world

Joti Brar is an anti-imperialist and leading member of the Communist Party of Great Britain (Marxist-Leninist). Brar has been involved in the communist movement since an early age, working as a trade union organizer and writer on topics such as imperialism, socialism, and the working class. She also actively participates in the World Anti Imperialist Platform (