In 1981 Paul Robeson’s son, Paul Robeson Jr, claimed that his father had told him privately that in June 1949 he, Paul Sr, learned about the persecution of some prominent Jews in the Soviet Union, but had never publicly revealed this fact and had asked his son to promise not to reveal it during his, Paul Sr’s, lifetime. In later years Paul Jr repeatedly confirmed this story. In a recent article Grover Furr checked this story against the evidence that is now available and drew the only possible conclusion: that Paul Jr’s story is untrue.

In their latest book, Stalin Exonerated: Fact-Checking the Death of Solomon Mikhoels, Vladimir Bobrov and Grover Furr show not just that the story that Joseph Stalin ordered the murder of Mikhoels is false. We show that it is a deliberate forgery by well-known scholars of Soviet history who are still active today. Grover Furr will begin with some falsehoods about Stalin and the history of the Soviet Union in his time, and then will outline why we should all be acutely aware of the falsification of Stalin-era Soviet history and what it means for the working class and progressive persons all over the world.

Our speaker is Grover Furr, Professor of Medieval English literature at Montclair State University in New Jersey. Grover is best known for his revisionist views regarding the Soviet Union and Joseph Stalin in his book Khrushchev Lied, The Evidence that Every Revelation of Stalin’s (and Beria’s) Crimes in Nikita Khrushchev’s Infamous Secret Speech to the 20th Party Congress of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union on February 25, 1956, Is Provably False.