Pleading with arsonists to put out the fire they’ve ignited is what it is like to turn to the UN
Security Council, OAS, and United States government to “stabilize” the crisis in Haiti.
Haiti has been under US/ UN occupation for more than 18 years, ever since the US-backed coup
d’état in 2004 against the democratically elected President Jean-Bertrand Aristide. This
occupation has perpetrated gross human rights abuses including rape and other forms of sexual
abuse. The occupation has brought cholera to Haiti and has systematically destroyed Haiti’s
institutions while increasing hunger and misery.
Courageously facing police and paramilitary attacks, the population of Haiti has taken to the
streets in ever-growing numbers, demanding their basic human rights and democracy, along with
an end to corruption and to the plunder of public resources. They demand an end to US/UN
occupation and an end to the right-wing Haitian Tét Kale Party (PHTK) regime headed by Ariel
They are demanding a transitional government of public safety (Sali Piblik) to create a
foundation for free and fair elections and a return to democratic rule. They are demanding an end
to IMF-imposed austerity, soaring prices of basic necessities, and declining real wages. They are
demanding that their tax money be invested in education, healthcare, sanitation, clean drinking
water, and support for Haiti’s peasant farmers who have been the backbone of local food
Our speaker is Pierre Labossiere, a longtime activist and a leading member of the Haiti Action
Committee (; website and a supporter of Haiti’s
popular movement and the Haiti Emergency Relief Fund.