Professor Aleksandr Dugin of Russia has a wide sweep in scholarship, from Philosophy, Sociology to Geopolitics. He is 60 years of age. He has written 60 books. His book ‘The Fourth Political Theory’ has been translated into English by Michael Millerman, a Canadian, with a Ph.D. in Philosophy. Dugin is an idealist conservative philosopher. Liberalism, according to Dugin, is the theory of Capitalism, which has defeated its two challengers in the 20th century: Communism on the Left and Fascism on the Right. These cannot now pose an effective challenge to it. Further, that Liberalism has turned into “Postliberalism” after 1991, and it is totalitarian. So, a fourth political theory is needed to save humanity.  

   Raj Sahai will summarize Dugin’s theory and offer an analysis and offer a Marxist critique. Raj is a Marxist and a long time activist against capitalism and its wars. He is a member of the planning committee of ICSS.