The world working class and unions of the world are facing a major global struggle as the crisis of capitalism drives towards dictatorship and world war. Steve Zeltzer will look at the declining US imperialist empire and the intensifying inter-imperialist rivalry and the growing move towards a world war that threaten workers and people of the world.
He will also look at the increasing attacks on the unions and the escalation of attacks on the working class to pay for the crisis.
This also takes place in the midst of the frenzied development of AI and the likely loss of hundreds of millions of jobs as not only the skilled manual worker but writers, doctors, architects, software engineers, and attorneys face
loss of jobs. It also plays a key role in the military-industrial complex and preparation for war.
This is also combined with the global climate crisis, which is threatening the lives and jobs of workers and peoplAfter brief presentations by three ICSS members, Raj Sahai, Gene Ruyle, and Roger Harris, we will have an open discussion on this important topic.e worldwide.
This presentation will look at the global attacks on unions, how they are fighting back, and what is required for unions and the working class not only to defend their jobs and livelihood but to go on the offensive on a global scale. The internet, which is a tool for greater profits by the capitalist class, can also be a tool for internationalism and the development and advance of a new world working class that fights for power and resolves this historic struggle for survival not only of the working class but humanity.
This is also the first time in history that the world working class can be linked up simultaneously in not only organizing but using these tools in the fight for power.
Our speaker, Steve Zeltzer, is a member of CWA NewGuild Pacific Media Workers Guild and founder of LaborNet, Labortech, and Laborfest. He is a member of the United Front Committee For A Labor Party and a producer of WorkWeek on and with Pacifica Radio Network where he is a producer ofmCovid, Race, and Democracy.