The economic depression ongoing since 2008 has put the dangers of fascism and imperialist
world war, but also popular revolts and revolutions, back on the agenda. While the working class
and oppressed communities around the world have been rising in revolt for more than a decade,
no revolutionary organization adequate to face up to the task of bringing down the bourgeois
order has crystallized. Meanwhile, the Covid-19 pandemic and the danger of fascism have been
ravaging humanity.

In this presentation, we will consider the tactic of Workers’ United Front as a way out of the dilemma
facing the revolutionaries today. Applied successfully in revolutionary Russia in 1917 and
formulated by the Communist International a few years later, this policy has found a wide range
of applications to respond to different problems in different countries. We will consider the tactic
both historically in its specific applications from the Russian and Chinese revolutions to
revolutionary movements in the US and Turkey in the 1970s, as well as applied to contemporary

Ahmed Shakur – Ahmet Şakır
Ahmed is an independent labor researcher, journalist, and activist. Based in the San Francisco
Bay Area, he has been active around numerous united front efforts in labor and anti-imperialist
movements. He has also contributed to various left-wing media. He is part of the RedMed
Internet Network.