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The Farm Crisis in the United States and India – Bedabrata Pain – Sunday, July 23 2023 – 10:30 AM Pacific Time

The left in India is woefully silent on this movement and has not even summarized the significance of the movement, let alone learn anything from it. The left in US today remains fairly unconcerned about the enduring farm crisis in the country. But should it remain aloof from it?

This talk is to raise questions what we need to do or do differently to seize the initiative in today’s world.

Speaker: Bedabrata Pain

Making the documentary on farm crisis – both in the US and India, as well as being on the ground of the historic Indian farm movement that forced the right-wing strongman prime minister Narendra Modi to retreat for the first time in his political life, cannot but make one wonder about what must be done differently in our political engagement. After summarizing the Indian movement and the American farm experience, the talk will dwell on the lessons of the farm movement in India and market reforms in both countries. And in doing so, it will try to assess the role played by the left.

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