Turkiye (the new and improved name replacing Turkey) is in a nosedive toward a total collapse.  This is an expected route of all neo-colonial countries dependent on imperialism.
   A new section of capitalists is using the NATO Gladio criminals to implement a narco-state to keep the economy alive in Turkiye.  Privatization and marketization of every aspect of life have come to a total failure. Unprecedented Corruption at every level, bribery, theft, eco-destruction, gang rule, and the rise of deadly attacks, especially on women, shows the limits of a market economy in a dependent, neo-colonial country.
   Turkiye is in dire need of funds to make it to the next day.  Each day passing in Turkiye is funded and provided by its Muslim, fascist regional countries while imperialism sucks the life out of people every day.  Workers and the people pay for these “favors” with hunger, misery, and working below slave wages.  In the new world with its budding multi-polar centers, Erdogan is trying to find a new ally in Russia.  However, its loyalty to NATO and western imperialism poses unsurpassable challenges.
   We will discuss whether Turkiye has any chance of survival by following the 100 years of the capitalist route.  The tasks and obligations of the left before and after the May-June elections will shed a light on everyday living in the country.

Journalist Mehmet Bayram recently returned from a long trip to Turkey.

Yusuf Gürsey who is originally from Istanbul, Turkey, and is currently living in New Haven, CT. He is a member of the CPUSA, as well as a member of the US Peace Council in Connecticut, and a member of the Steering Committee of the Center for Marxist Education centered in Cambridge, MA