The AFL-CIO has since its existence been involved in taking money from the CIA and other government agencies for international operations around the world It has supported coups in Chile, El Salvador, Guatemala, Indonesia, Ukraine, and attempted coups in Venezuela, Cuba. It now operates in over 60 countries without real transparency and reports to the membership of the AFL-CIO members. Most workers in the AFL-CIO do not know about this history or the fact that the AFL-CIO “Solidarity Center” gets $75 million a year from the National Endowment for Democracy which is directly from the US government.

This panel of Professor Kim Scipes and labor journalist Steve Zeltzer are members of the newly formed organization Labor Education Project On AFL-CIO International Operations LEPAIO.


Our speakers, Steve Zeltzer and Kim Scipes, are labor activists.

Background: Reckoning with the AFL-CIO’s Imperialist History.